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For the first time ever, adorn your rod with custom fish decals in the Japanese Gyotaku style. All decals are full-color and printed in UV-resistant ink, as well as laser cut for minimal background color. Decal sizes vary by the fish, but are approximately 1".


Artist-designer, Marshall Madruga created this special product line by combining his lifestyle and unique artwork. Marshall Madruga is a master in the Japanese technique of Gyotaku (gyo=fish / taku=impression). Paint is applied to a REAL FISH and then the fish is printed on a special Japanese rice paper. Using a REAL FISH keeps the artwork anatomically correct and very unique. Marshall has printed everything from marlin and tuna to trout and bass.


Marshall Madruga is an expert on fish with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State University. Marshall’s life has been devoted to the environment, and the preservation of fish species and fish habitat. For years Marshall worked and volunteered on research vessels with N.O.A.A. and National Maritime Fisheries Service. Marshall has worked on the surveying and rebuilding of streams for trout, steelhead hatcheries with Montana Fish and Wildlife and California Fish and Game, and the white seabass enhancement program with the Sea World-Hubbs Research Institute in Southern California.



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