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Featured Builder, Buffalo Customs

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Since 1972 Buffalo Customs has been a leader in the ever-growing Custom Rod Building Industry. Never losing sight of what's important. Quality components, dedication to excellence and a driving passion for keeping custom rod building alive has been the impetus behind Buffalo Customs amazing journey and long history.

It all started with a visit to a man named Steve Cardinal. Steve was a local legend in the world of Rod Building in New Jersey, and Richard (soon to become Buffalo Customs) was ecstatic to have the opportunity to meet him. At just 16 years old Richard and Steve finally met. Richard was overjoyed at this opportunity, and it showed. Steve, always the gentleman was eager to help his new friend learn the art and the craft of rod building. What started out as just a meeting, ended up becoming a friendship that would last decades.

Steve took Richard under his wing and away they went. Steve, ever the craftsman took his time, showed Richard all of the intricacies associated with building truly custom creations. Over time Richard caught on and developed his own style, but he never lost sight of the masterful teachings of his friend Steve.

Today, Richard is one of the premier leaders in the world of Custom Rod Building. Focused on keeping the old ways alive and vibrant, Buffalo Customs endears itself to Vintage and Old School Blanks, Guides, Threads and Seats. But to keep it fresh, Buffalo Customs mixes in a bit of the new with the old to give their rods and exquisite charm not found in many made by today's rod builders.

From Lamiglas, to Fenwick, to G-Loomis, Gudebrod, Allan, TackleZoom, Fuji and beyond, Buffalo Customs combines the new with the old to give their rods a totally unique blend of yesterday and today. The Buffalo Customs uses only TackleZoom EVA Fishing Rod Grips, Block Foam and Cork to make their rods stand out from the rest.

If you would like to have your Custom Rod made by Buffalo Customs please call them at 732-703-3591. For all your rod building needs please visit us at

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